Born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. Hypersensitive to sunlight. Grew up in a strict Buddhist family, Protestant elementary, junior and high school. She is a painter and an a model. Started to draw as a kid but mainly focus on music, after moving out of Tokyo and having a condition of PTSD, Bell found her peace into drawing and then painting. Starting her nude model career, she is now in her quest to explore new limits and fulfilling her mission breathing energy contrasting from daily life and realising it on her black canvas.

For Bell painting itself is only a part of the ways to express art, her nucleus lies around praying, the feeling of awe for divine love and repeated reflection.




(artworks coming soon)


Beautiful Nightmare - Bell - 2022.jpeg



 "Beautiful nightmare"


40cm×304cm / calligraphy ink on canvas - 書道インク・キャンバス

date of live performance - ライブの日付 - 02.06.2022

 price:  contact - 価格:お問い合わせください